Renewable system cuts energy costs - TransthermRenewable system cuts energy costs - Transtherm

Renewable system cuts energy costs

Renewable system cuts energy costs

Heating & Ventilating Review – May 2017 Hospitals & Healthcare Focus

The NHS is constantly under pressure to cut costs at every level. From bedside care to external suppliers, everyone is feeling the pinch. One such hospital is Birmingham Heartlands Hospital which wanted to cut energy costs and become more environmentally friendly. It turned to family owned heating, ventilation and cooling industries supplier, Transtherm Cooling Industries, which delivered a more renewable energy power system.

The Trust were looking to reduce their carbon footprint and in 2010 called upon the experience of Transtherm to help them find bespoke solutions in cooling equipment to cool their existing power systems.
As the site was fully operational, the best way to achieve this was to use a gas fired, power generating set that provides both heat and power. Which is an ideal solution for hospitals as they require large amounts of both. Transtherm then provided adiabatic coolers and air blast coolers to dissipate any unwanted heat when it is not being recovered.

A job of this size doesn’t come without its challenges. The HVAC experts needed to take into consideration the risks and issues surrounding legionella, noise emissions and having their data independently verified before any work was commissioned.
Since the installation of the new generating set, the Trust has seen a plethora of benefits, from the means to produce electricity onsite as well as being able to obtain it from the Grid, to reducing the output of noise which generators normally provide. Most importantly it has helped to improve the cost of energy that the Trust normally spends.

With a successful installation and proven reduction in cost, we’re pleased that the Trust decided to implement the same infrastructure across their other sites in and around Birmingham.

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